Better to Prevent than Fix

by Megan on October 2, 2012

Some damage we cause unwittingly can be very difficult if not impossible to repair, therefore, we shouldn’t hesitate to invest as much time and energy as needed to prevent errors. Depending on what profession we choose, our responsibility might be lower or higher, but enrolled agents are among the ones whose duty goes through the [...]


Seek Excellence in Medicine

by Megan on April 18, 2012

There is more to the human body than meets the eye, and even though medicine has made impressive progress over the course of time, there are still many things to master. Doctors are constantly learning and strive to hone their skills, so they can better perform their tasks for the benefit of patients. Those who [...]


Measure your Performance

by Megan on April 10, 2012

Original Post from : There is nothing worse than having thousands of pages to learn before a critical exam and no way of knowing where do you stand. If you can’t measure your performance after spending many days with the book on your knees, you will grow terrified by the prospect of the upcoming [...]


The Best Chance to Get Free Money for College

by Megan on February 16, 2012

Students are very much alike, and they share similar hobbies while trying to overcome the same problems such as difficult exams and long hours of studying. While the variations are slowly fading away, with grades and personal achievements making the difference, it is in the preliminary phase when they matter the most. To be admitted [...]


Find Strengths in Numbers

by Megan on October 31, 2011

In the United States, the minorities are respected, and they enjoy the same rights as the majority and when it comes to education, things go even further. In order to close the gap and allow minority students to have the representation they deserve in several industries and fields of work, special grants have been introduced. [...]